Left: Arizona Yellow Bells

Middle: Autumn Sage

Right: Baja red Fairy Duster

Left: Ballerina India Hawthorn

Middle: Black Dalea

Right: Blue Hibiscus

Left: Blue Potato Bush

Middle: Blue Ranger

Right: Box Leaf Euonymus

Left: Brittlebush

Middle: Brittons Ruellia

Right: Bush Morning Glory

Left: Cape Honeysuckle

Middle: Chihuahuan Sage

Right: Christine Lantana

Left: Chuparosa

Middle: Cleveland Sage

Right: Creosole Bush

Left: Damianita

Middle:Desert Bird Paradise

Right: Desert Honeysuckle

Left: Desert Milkweed

Middle: Desert Ruellia

Right: Desert Spoon

Left: Dwarf Myrtle

Middle: Dwarf Yaupon Holly

Right: Fairy Duster




Left: Fraser's Photinia

Middle: Globe Mallow

Right: Goldeneye

Left: Gopher Plant

Middle: Green Cloud Texas Sage

Right: Green Desert Spoon

Left: Gulf Muhly

Middle: Heavenly Bamboo

Right: Indigo Bush

Left: Irene Lantana

Middle: Japanese Boxwood

Right: Japanese Privet

Left: Jojoba

Middle: Little John Dwarf Bottlebru

Right: Mearly Cup Sage

Left: Mexican Bush Sage

Middle: Moraea Iris

Right: Oleander




Left: Purple Fountain Grass

Middle: Radiation Lantana

Right: Raspberry Ice Bougainvillea

Left: Red Bird of Paradise

Middle: Red Yucca

Right: Rosenka Bougainvillea

Left: Royal Cape Plumbago

Middle: Shiny Leaf Xylosma

Right: Silvery Cassia

Left: Small Leaf Cordia

Middle: Texas Sage

Right: Torch Glow Bougainvillea

Left: Tropical Bird Of Paradise

Middle: Turpentine Bush

Right: Tuttle Natal Plum

Left: Twisted Myrtle

Middle: Umbrella Plant

Right: Upright Rosemary

Left: Waxleaf Privet

Middle: Wheelers Dwarf Pittosporum

Right: n/a