Trees & Palms

Left: Date Palm

Middle: Madagascar Palm

Right: Mediterranean Fan Palm

Left: Mexican Fan Palm

Middle: Pigmy Date Palm

Right: Queen Palm

Left: Sago Palm

Middle: African Sumac

Right: Australian Willow

Left: Blue Palo Verde

Middle: Bradford Ornamental Pear

Right: Brazilian Pepper

Left: Cascalote Tree

Middle: Chaste Tree

Right: Chilean Mesquite

Left: Citrus

Middle: Desert Ironwood

Right: Desert Willow

Left: Evergreen Bird of Paradise

Middle: Evergreen Elm

Right: Fern of the Desert

Left: Indian Laurel Fig Tree

Middle: Jacaranda

Right: Mulga

Left: Oleander Tree

Middle: Palo Brea

Right: Purple Leaf Plum

Left: Shamel Ash

Middle: Shamel Ash

Right: Sissoo Tree

Left: Sweet Acacia

Middle: Texas Ebony

Right: Texas Mountain Laurel

Left: Tipu Tree

Middle: Velvet Mesquite

Right: Willow Acacia


Middle: n/a

Right: n/a